Suppose you're a business owner currently using an Apple operating system. In that case, you may have been anticipating the big launch of Apple's iOS 18 for some time. With many customizations and enhancements, the update's features could greatly improve your company's systems and functionality while protecting it more than ever before. 

Let's see what your business can expect from this upgrade.

Download the iOS 18 For Your Business

At the WWDC event held in June 2024, the developers at Apple confirmed they would immediately be dropping the iOS 18 Developer Beta at a $99 annual fee. The beta may have defects and bugs that Apple is still working on, so unless you're a developer, you may not want to risk company data loss or device bricking until the polished version arrives. Still, any business owner who wanted a sneak peek into the slick new operating system could access the Public Beta from early July. 

Like local businesses, general users usually prefer less glitchy software with the major bugs ironed out. Downloading Apple's latest iOS could have allowed your company a few steps ahead of the competition and a preview of the great new features. Most businesses without technical support decided to leverage the final release in September 2024.

What Can Your Business Do With iOS 18?

Apple's updated operating system features are quite exciting for a business that is open to artificial intelligence updates and wants more control over its setup.

The New Passwords App

Apple's iOS 18 promises business owners a new Passwords app, an extension of iCloud Keychain. Passwords saved for different accounts and devices can now be in one convenient location and categorized for better organization. With this free manager, your business should find it easy to enjoy safe syncing and security alerts. 

More Reliable Messaging

Some new iMessage features allow your business to do more than alter text message fonts and sizing. Employees without iPhones made those handy group chats impossible before. Still, Apple's update now supports RCS (your business doesn't have to depend on SMS or MMS). Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity also makes sending and receiving messages via satellite easy off the grid. 

Other Amazing Apple iOS 18 Features

What other features could your business explore from Apple?

  • Game mode: Faster frame rates give higher consistency and make wireless controllers and headsets more responsive.
  • SharePlay: You or your employees instantly control the Apple music playing in your establishment from multiple devices, including a Homepod Apple TV or Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Writing tools: You can formulate email messages to customers, texts to employees, and notes for future business activities here. Rewrite and summarize writing in Mail, Notes, and third-party applications. 
  • Math Notes: Does your company deal with a lot of formulas? Perhaps you want to calculate this month's revenue. This feature solves equations, reduces errors, and saves your business valuable time.

Are you surprised at how much Apple's iOS 18 update has to offer your business? As the update rolls out, even more features are bound to pop up.



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